Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Twelve reasons to not vote for Jill Stein

This shouldn't be necessary, since #12 should be obvious. We can't have the Republican Party picking more Supreme Court justices - especially given that Republicans in Congress have been unconstitutionally 'saving' a pick for Donald Trump (and especially after this).

And have we completely forgotten 2000 already, when Ralph Nader voters gave us George W. Bush as president? How stupid can people be to not learn from that?

Of course, Jill Stein is only polling at 2-3%. There aren't that many stupid liberals. But it will still hurt Hillary Clinton, who needs to crush Donald Trump in order for Republican Party leaders to get the message.

Besides, I mentioned Gary Johnson the other day, so I might as well do the same with Jill Stein. But I see no reason to waste all that much time with her, so I'll just point you to this list of 12 reasons to not vote for her.

If that's not enough for you, maybe you could check out her trip to Moscow. She's as chummy with Vladimir Putin as Donald Trump is.

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