Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Skepticrat: Russian to conclusions

This is the Skepticrat rundown on Donald Trump's first solo press conference, nine days ago. I've been waiting for this!

Yes, I've talked about it before, but this crazy mess has not received nearly as much attention as it should have. (Come on, SNL! Where are you?)

Note that this is a podcast, so it's audio only, but I'm a big fan of these guys (who also do the hilarious Scathing Atheist and God Awful Movies podcasts).


Anonymous said...

Bill, take a look at the blog Stonekettle Station. The blogger, Jim Wright, is very good and it's worth reading all his posts, especially recent ones.

Kate Bulman

Bill Garthright said...

Thanks, Kate. I did take a look, and you're right. He's good.

His most recent post, dissecting that press conference, was a big job. I can't imagine how he got that far through it, given the depressing insanity of it all.

Thanks for the tip!