Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Trump at Mar-a-Lago

This is just a brief video, but IMHO, the subject hasn't received nearly enough attention. Of course, that's not surprising, given all of the other crap going on with Donald Trump.

Still, Republicans complained nonstop about Hillary Clinton's email server. Well, she never in her life did anything this reckless with our national security. And this situation doesn't even have anything to do with Vladimir Putin!

Incidentally, I wonder how much money Trump is making from the presidency? Even during the campaign, he was charging high rates when using his own properties. Now, he's holding events at his own golf club and charging the military rent in his office tower.

We might never get to see his past tax returns, but it would be very interesting to compare them with what he's making now, don't you think? He seems to be using the government as his own piggy bank and the presidency as free advertising.

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