Saturday, February 4, 2017

What Would Jesus Do? - the movie

Sorry, this review is audio only. But I'm a big fan of God Awful Movies, brought to you by the same funny people who do The Scathing Atheist podcast.

These aren't safe for work, and they might give your elderly relatives a heart attack (unless they're like me, of course), but if you're not easily offended, they're hilarious. I just listened to this one, and it struck me as particularly funny. It's a review of What Would Jesus Do?

I've never tried to embed audioBoom, but if this doesn't work for you, you can download the mp3 file here, or listen to it on iTunes. The later podcasts are available on YouTube here, but not this one - not yet, at least. (This particular podcast is about a year old. I've been working my way through their archives.)

Actually, that is probably only scratching the surface of where you can get these. But again, if you enjoy this kind of humor, be sure to check out their Scathing Atheist and Skepticrat podcasts, too. (Note that the latter is their newest podcast, and although it started great, they've only released one episode since May. I suspect that two regular podcasts are about all they can handle right now.)

BTW, here's a quote from the beginning of one of their Scathing Atheist podcasts: "Warning: The following podcast contains genuine, heartfelt emotions. But don't worry. We wrap them in profanity." Don't say you weren't warned. :)

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