Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"The Midnight Mayor" by Kate Griffin

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The Midnight Mayor (2010) by Kate Griffin is the second book in her fantasy series about Matthew Swift, urban sorcerer and host to the blue electric angels.

Like the first, this is a big book - 467 pages - and lush with descriptive language. It also begins in a somewhat similar fashion, with Swift badly injured and under attack, struggling to understand what has happened to him.

In fact, that's my only real problem with the book, that it's so much like the previous volume. The plot is different, though he's again fighting a terribly powerful foe, this time bent on the complete destruction of London. But even the minor characters are much the same.

Oh, I enjoyed it, and I'm sure I'll continue to read the series. But one of the reasons I liked the first book is because it was so imaginative. Well, this time we already know about Matthew Swift and the blue electric angels, and we already know about sorcerers in general. So it really doesn't have the same impact as the first.

In fact, I must admit that I just skimmed through some of the detailed descriptions this time. There's still a reason for such detail, I suppose - Swift is still a sorcerer, after all - but not such a good reason as last time, when he was recently resurrected and everything was brand-new to... them.

OK, I'm sure I sound much more negative than I feel. I enjoyed the book, and you will, too, I'm sure, if you enjoyed the first one. It's very similar.

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