Thursday, February 21, 2013

Country first?

Crazy, isn't it? We all care about four dead Americans. But why don't Republicans care about the more than 4,000 Americans dead in Iraq (plus tens of thousands wounded, often horribly - brain injuries, amputations, castrations, etc.) in an invasion based entirely on a lie?

Well, we all know why that is, don't we? It was a Republican president who lied to us and invaded an innocent country, and it was many of these same politicians who enthusiastically supported that. Hey, so it was a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes, right? (Remember, Bush made another one by ignoring warnings about al-Qaeda before 9/11. But we couldn't investigate that, either, could we?)

But Libya is different, because, and only because, there's a Democrat in the White House. So Republicans won't let this die (which is fine by me, even when it's entirely a matter of politics) and will hold up the normal and necessary functions of our government in order to grandstand (which is not).

No one has lost my respect as much as John McCain. When he ran for president, he had to appeal to the right-wing loons who control the Republican Party, so he not only denied he'd ever been a 'maverick' (even denied he'd ever claimed otherwise, which was a complete lie), but he chose Sarah Palin to be one heartbeat away from the presidency!

But it got worse. He lost - he's still furious about that - and in Arizona, he even faced a primary challenge just to hold his Senate seat. (Did I mention how loony the Republican Party has become?) So he ran even further to the right, especially on immigration reform. Anything to pander to the crazies. Anything to stay in office. (No wonder he's a Republican!)

Well, he seems to be really determined to keep the right-wing happy now, although much of this also seems like sour grapes. He just can't get over the fact that Barack Obama beat him in 2008. Yes, I've lost all respect for the man, and Jon Stewart does a great job of showing why.

Oh, and did you notice, at the end of that second video clip, when McCain was talking about Chuck Hagel? He said, "when he [Hagel] was a Republican." Heh, heh. Chuck Hagel is still a Republican. Indeed, Hagel is a conservative Republican.

But he was unhappy that America had invaded a completely innocent country for no reason (at least, their stated reason was a lie, and it would have been a stupid move even if that hadn't been a lie). And Hagel really does put "country first," so he agreed to serve as Secretary of Defense in a Democratic administration (as patriots have done... pretty much always).

So I guess Republicans have disowned him. Heck, that probably makes him a traitor in their eyes, huh? And a secret Muslim, too, no doubt.

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Gregg Garthright said...

Is there anything more sad than the sight of John McCain tarnishing what legacy he has left by pandering to the loons? I was never a big fan of his, but I used to respect him as an honorable man. Not any more........