Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Limbaugh wails

This is your good news for the day. :)

Of course, Rush Limbaugh is just playing to his 'dittohead' audience. His histrionics, even when he's wailing, is just performance art for morons. But it's still good to hear him weeping, rather than celebrating, isn't it?

And, hmm, it's funny how the 'left' has created so many 'low-information' people using higher education, isn't it? Don't people know that education is a tool of the Devil? :)

Anyway, I thought this was a good addendum to my previous post today. Steve Oh and Jimmy Dore talk about poll results showing that the American people support progressive policies far more than conservative ones.

Unfortunately, all too many of us still vote Republican. This doesn't translate nearly as well as it should into votes. And it's not that the Democratic Party is too liberal, since progressives - certainly including these people at TYT - are almost as unhappy with Barack Obama as the right-wing is.

From what I see in polls, the majority of us American people seem to be to the left of the Democratic Party, if anything. (Of course, that's not surprising, since the Democrats aren't nearly as liberal - and certainly not 'socialist' - as their opponents try to paint them.)

But the Republicans are very good at scaring voters (and, usually, making money on it, too). They're very good at persuading voters to vote against their own best interests - and even their own opinions. They're very good at lying. After all, the alternative is that scary Muslim Kenyan socialist in the White House, right? Isn't all their tax money going to support black gang members and crack whores?

So this is good news, but we haven't won yet. Far from it, in fact. And the right-wing can still do a lot of damage to America, anyway. Indeed, from voter suppression to schemes to rig the Electoral College, they haven't given up on their dreams of controlling America even as a minority party.

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