Friday, February 1, 2013

This happens all the time

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I have no idea if Barack Obama goes skeet shooting, and I don't care. Since he's rather busy as president, I rather doubt it happens "all the time." But, again, I don't care.

But I'll tell you what does happen "all the time." Barack Obama trying to appease Republicans - who will never, ever, ever like him, no matter what he does - happens all the time. He's certainly a typical Democrat in that respect, isn't he?

Somehow, he hasn't figured out that there's nothing he can do to make Republicans like him, because their anger isn't based on anything he does or doesn't do, but on who he is, a black Democrat. (Any Democratic president would probably get a similar response, but the fact that he's black just adds to the hysteria.)

And as Jon Stewart notes, this kind of response from Fox 'News' and the rest of the Republicans also happens all the time. So why expect anything different? Why bother even trying to suck up to these yahoos? It's not going to work, anyway. You know it's not going to work. The evidence is clear on that.

But Democrats in general, and Barack Obama in particular, keep wanting Republicans to like them, so they keep saying idiotic things like this. I don't care if the president shoots skeet, and neither does anyone else. The only reason for those questions is to possibly embarrass him. No one cares, other than that.

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