Thursday, May 8, 2014

Losing God: Hell

This is the conclusion of a four-video series describing one guy's deconversion from Christianity. On YouTube, he describes himself as a "recent de-convert from Christianity who is still trying to make sense of the world without my old religious worldview."

I post a lot of these, because I find them fascinating. I really admire people who've had the courage to step away from their deepest beliefs - often risking their friends and family, at least to some extent - when they found that those beliefs were wrong.

It would be so much easier to ignore reality, wouldn't it? Certainly, most of the Christians I know don't even want to discuss this stuff, even if they think I'm going to Hell. I can tell that they're afraid of what they might discover. And when push comes to shove, many Christians who are eager to defend their religion - being more confident in what they believe - end up telling me that they don't care if their beliefs are true or not, they still want to believe them.

I never went through this. I was raised Christian - nominally, at least - but I never remember believing that stuff. Maybe I did at some age, I really can't say. But by the time we started going to church, I was at least old enough to reason. And for a number of reasons, I just never bought it.

But other people didn't have it that easy. Some really did believe. For some, their faith was a major part of their life. But they were still willing to change their mind. That's so admirable! It must have been terribly difficult, don't you think? But they did it, anyway.

So that's why I post these. Well, I only post the ones I enjoy (but I enjoy most of them, admittedly). This whole series is good - just four videos, as I say - but I thought I'd post the final one.

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