Friday, September 5, 2014

30 years of injustice

This is why I don't support capital punishment.

I have zero sympathy for violent criminals. I'd execute them myself, no problem. Yeah, I don't care about your hard life. Some things, you shouldn't get a second chance.

But we're not infallible, and we're never going to be infallible. Sometimes, we convict innocent people. We know we've executed innocent people before - not many, I hope, but it's happened. Certainly, there have been many cases like this, where innocent people spent decades in prison for something they didn't do.

That's a real tragedy, but how much worse would it be if we had killed them? These guys were on death row! Assholes like Antonin Scalia don't care about that. The entire Republican Party doesn't care about that. But I do.

Your bloodlust is simply not worth the fact that we'd end up killing innocent people, sometimes. And it is just bloodlust. There is no other reason for capital punishment. (It's not a deterrent.) Right-wingers just love the idea of punishing people. Well, that's why they invented Hell, too.

So if you believe in Hell, what's the problem? What's executing someone, next to an eternity of torture. Of course, that assumes that you really do believe in your religious fantasies, huh? Do you actually believe what you claim to believe?

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