Friday, September 26, 2014

Right-wing heads explode,... again

It's the last half of this video clip I really wanted to post. Yeah, Republicans are all about respect, aren't they? Why hasn't Fox 'News' been laughed off the airwaves by now?

Jon Stewart got it exactly right: "When Bush took us to war, any criticism was shouted down as treasonous. But when a president you don't like has the country poised on the same precipice, no transgression, no matter how immaterial and ridiculous, is too small to cite as evidence that this president isn't as American as you are."

This is about politics and - dare I say it? - race. Of course President Obama isn't as white American as they are. I mean, just look at him!

Eric Holder has the same problem Barack Obama does. His skin is the wrong color for these people, especially since he's a Democrat.

Think I'm exaggerating? Here's Fox 'News' claiming that Holder runs the Justice Department like the Black Panthers:
Fox News host Andrea Tantaros said Thursday during a discussion about Attorney General Eric Holder's reported resignation that he ran the Department of Justice "much like the Black Panthers would." ...

"He didn't enforce the laws on Obamacare," Tantaros said. "He was droning terrorists without a trial while he was giving them trials in downtown Manhattan. He ran the DOJ much like the Black Panthers would. That is a fact."

Yeah, that was certainly tailor-made for their elderly white viewers, huh?

And the Cato Institute compared Eric Holder to segregationist George Wallace!
In the column, senior fellow Ilya Shapiro said that Holder had the "most divisive tenure of any attorney general I can recall, tearing the country apart on racial and partisan lines," according to a cached version of the piece.

After arguing that Holder was the worst attorney general ever, Shapiro jumped into the George Wallace comparison.

"Like a modern-day George Wallace, Holder has called for racial preference now, racial preferences tomorrow, racial preferences forever," he wrote.

As ThinkProgress noted, this was likely a reference to Wallace's inaugural address as governor of Alabama in which he used the phrase "segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever."

Shapiro said that Holder only worked to protect minority groups.

"According to our outgoing attorney general, and the 14th Amendment, Civil Rights Act, and Voting Rights Act only protect some citizens (members of the right kinds of racial minority groups) – and should be used to extract political and financial concessions for them," he wrote.

Oh, we poor white men, so beaten down by the powerful black establishment. These days, you can't even shoot an unarmed black teenager without getting lynched. ("Lynching" does mean "being criticized," right?)

Yeah, it's Holder who's been tearing the country apart ever since the election of our first black president. Of course, these right-wing loons would never dream of 'playing the race card,' would they? Why, the whole idea just gives them the vapors.

And these are the crazies Americans plan to let take control of the U.S. Senate (either through voting for them or through inaction)? Even crazier, polls show they're favored when it comes to foreign policy issues! The same people who got us into all of these messes in the first place? The people who haven't been right about anything in decades?

Sometimes, I really have to despair for my country.


jeff725 said...

"Gives them the vapors?" You're dating yourself with that phrase, WCG. :)

I don't really feel despair for this country. I'm waffling between comical or tragic. When you look at what all this country has done culturally and technologically (warts and all), it seems to have devolved into what the English call "navel-gazing;" self-importance bordering on narcissism. Kind of like the old George Carlin joke when he used to do his "news" segments: "A man attempting to circle the world in a hot-air balloon was killed today when he stepped out of the balloon to admire it from a distance."

Sorry I haven't been able to correspond lately. My work schedule has been a jumbled mess the last three weeks.

WCG said...

Heh, heh. I'm not quite that old, Jeff. I just think that antique phrase fits these people.

And don't worry. I haven't been posting much here, anyway. When I do, it's often been just a quick comment on a video I've seen.

I've got a million things to blog about, but I'm just not getting to them. Too much else to keep me busy, I'm afraid.