Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Charles Krauthammer's mental state

Say what you will about Barack Obama, the fact that he's got enemies like this is pretty impressive, don't you think? All I'd really have to know about Obama is who hates him.

Does that let him off the hook? I don't think so. I still criticize people I support. After all, I'm not going to agree with anyone about everything. (Why would I ever expect otherwise? So we disagree about some things. Big deal. If I required a politician to agree with me about everything, I'd have to run for office myself.)

But show me a politician Charles Krauthammer hates, show me a politician Rush Limbaugh hates, show me a politician Fox 'News' hates, and I'll have to think that's a politician I could support. And the more hysterical they get, the better.

These people make Barack Obama look good.


Gregg said...

I've always thought Krauthammer is one of the most repulsive characters on TV - even among the Fox "News" bunch, he stands out.

WCG said...

You're right, Gregg - although they've got a few people like that on Fox.