Thursday, January 8, 2015

Je suis Charlie Hebdo: Nazi cows

How do you run a comedy show and turn to humor from this? (And yet, Charlie Hebdo - the target of yesterday's terrorist attack - is a humorous publication. So how could you ignore it, either?)

Jon Stewart and Aasif Mandvi are well up to the challenge, though:

But 2015 isn't starting out very well, is it? And I thought 2014 was bad...


Jim Harris said...

I don't know I agree with the cow analogy, even though I thought it clever. I think cows need to take some responsibility for their radical members, because all mad cows give sane cows a terrible reputation.

WCG said...

Not all cows are the same, Jim. Many of them agree with you. Of course, plenty more make excuses. Plenty even blame the victim.

If an atheist does something evil, that's not your responsibility - or mine, either. Admittedly, atheism isn't a dogma, isn't a worldview, isn't even a belief system.

But cows aren't responsible for what other cows do, unless they encourage them or make excuses for them. Of course, if I were a cow, I would damn well make it clear that Nazi cows were despicable villains. Silence would be passive support.