Saturday, January 31, 2015

King Crocoduck's flavor of atheism

Beautiful, isn't it?


Jim Harris said...

Who is this King Crocoducks? He certainly has a way with words and is appears quite erudite. Some of his phrases reminds me of the "Tears in the Rain" speech in Blade Runner.

WCG said...

From his YouTube channel:

"I am a student of physics and astronomy. I love science and I absolutely abhor with a vengeance those who seek to defecate all over it in the name of their favorite fables.

If you hold a belief that runs contrary to the general scientific consensus, that's your prerogative. But if you take the next step and declare that your holy book, favorite conspiracy theorist, or personal feeeeelings are the source of your denial of science, ie that the reliability of the entire scientific enterprise is superseded by doltish nonsense, then prepare to be intellectually eviscerated!"

Jim Harris said...

He certainly has a certain style with words. But what an odd username.

Anonymous said...

I think the guy who calls him self King Crocoduck makes more mistakes per syllable than most numbskulls I have heard. Oh well.

WCG said...

Maybe, Anonymous. But it's easy to claim that - anonymously - without providing the slightest bit of evidence to back up your assertion. Obviously, any 'numbskull' can do that.

That's why people like me are atheists, because we require more than just unsupported assertions by people who really want to believe what they want to believe. Those of us who care about the truth of our beliefs require evidence.

I doubt if King Crocoduck is infallible. But if he really does make that many 'mistakes,' why didn't you mention even a single one of them?

Why not pick one, or two, or three significant mistakes from this video clip and demonstrate why they're wrong? That should be easy enough for you, shouldn't it? I mean, assuming there's any truth to your statement whatsoever?

The really funny thing is that this is exactly what King Crocoduck points out in the video above - one of the things, anyway. Far from demonstrating that he's wrong, you've just demonstrated that he's right - in that respect, at least. Funny, huh?

I appreciate the comment, but you can't possibly expect anyone to take you seriously, can you? Without even one example and no supporting evidence whatsoever?

Maybe you should try again, but this time, give us a reason to take you seriously.