Friday, January 9, 2015

Sen. Elizabeth Warren on the Keystone pipeline

Why can't we Nebraskans have a senator like this?

The Keystone pipeline will be going right through our state. Any pipeline spills will affect us. But our politicians - nearly all Republicans, of course - think that the profits of a foreign oil company are more important than their own constituents.

Well, maybe that's true. Our right-wing politicians still get elected - by wide margins, in fact - plus they get paid off by the fossil fuel industry, too.


Chimeradave said...

She's so awesome!

jeff725 said...

Unfortunately, Sen. Warren's words will fall on deaf ears. The Republicans' minds are already made up and the checks are already in their pockets.

The elephant-in-the-room question is: why is a foreign company being allowed to threaten imminent domain on American landowners?

I'm pessimistic about the pipeline issue anyway. My feeling is, when all is said and done, KeystoneXL is going to get rammed through anyway. Republicans don't do finesse.

WCG said...

I agree. And some Democrats will join them (at least one has, already).

But this is only one battle, not the war. And the war will continue throughout our lifetimes (even yours, let alone mine). In fact, this is a war that never ends.

OK, I don't really like the war analogy. Everything is a "war" in America, huh? Even I've caught that. My apologies.

But we'll work to defeat the pipeline, and if we lose, we lose. Win or lose, we'll simply have to continue. Either way, there will be plenty more work to do after this.

jeff725 said...

Don't worry about the "war" analogy. It's kinda hard-wired into our American DNA anyway, as per George Carlin:

If we do end up losing the pipeline war, maybe make some good out of it. If memory serves, the oil that will be pumped through is very heavy and thick. At the rate our roads and highways are crumbling, we need the asphalt anyway. And with global warming making our thunderstorms more violent, we'll need plenty of shingles for all the roofing jobs (just had my house re-roofed last fall). That is, if the heavy oil doesn't ALL get shipped to China.