Thursday, February 5, 2015

Les Measlesrables

This is from two nights ago - I didn't get it posted yesterday, as I'd intended - but still funny, not least because of how Jon Stewart pokes fun at CNN.

Less funny is how it's not just the right-wing that's faith-based, but all too many people on the left, too. How did we Americans get to be so ignorant about science?

For the record, we need all children vaccinated in order to protect people who can't get vaccinations (infants, primarily) and because vaccines aren't 100% effective. There's enough individual variation among human beings that a few kids will still be susceptible even after receiving a vaccine. As a society, we rely on "herd immunity" to keep deadly diseases out of our country.

That's why libertarians are wrong - dead wrong - about this issue (as they are when it comes to so many other issues, too). We don't live as isolated hermits. We're social animals. We live in a society. We survive, or not, among others. We thrive, or not, in that society. Pretty much nothing we do doesn't affect other people in some way.

As far as Rand Paul goes, he's a complete idiot.

Chris Christie isn't much better:

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