Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Obama hate-bubble: Republicans just get crazier, and crazier, and crazier, and crazier...

For a decade or more, I've been calling Republicans insane, but I meant it figuratively, not literally. I didn't mean they were clinically insane, in a psychological sense.

Now, however, I'm beginning to wonder. This isn't some lunatic fringe group. This is one of the two main political parties in America. How can this be possible? How can that many people be that crazy?

It just gets worse and worse, doesn't it? Is there really no limit to right-wing insanity? I see hysterical comments in the news media and at Yahoo Finance, from people who seem to be frothing at the mouth, and I think,... they can't really mean it. They can't be that crazy, can they? So many people?

But they really are. The Republican Party is batshit crazy these days. They were bad enough during the Bush years, but the loss of the White House - to a black man, at that - has apparently pushed them over the edge. They seem to have gone insane - literally insane.

What else can you think about this?


jeff725 said...

Where's Susan Powter when you need her? (STOP THE INSANITY!!!)


You probably know by now the great Leonard Nimoy passed away. Rest in peace, Leonard. Live Long and Prosper, Spock.

If Spock actually existed and looked upon this non-stop, asinine Right vs. Left pissing match, he would probably say something like this (I para-phrase from the Star Trek episode "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield"):

"...perhaps the experience of own planet Vulcan can be of some value to you. Vulcan was in danger of being destroyed by the same conditions and characteristics which threaten to destroy (America).

We were once a people like yourselves: wildly emotional, often COMMITTED TO IRRATIONALLY OPPOSING POINTS OF VIEW (emphasis mine). Leading, of course, to death and destruction.

Only the discipline of logic saved my planet from extinction."

Live Long and Prosper, WCG.

WCG said...

Yes, I saw that, Jeff. I think I appreciated Leonard Nimoy more than I did Spock, but it's sad news in any case.