Saturday, February 21, 2015

Republicans support ISIS

On Wednesday, I noted that ISIS and right-wing Christians share the same goal. Both want to define our fight as a 'holy war.' It's not terrorists against sane, peaceful, civilized people, but Muslims vs Christians.

Here's another example. Republican leaders and ISIS both want to promote ISIS. ISIS wants to be seen as the leader of Muslims, and Republicans want the exact same thing.

America is secular. Our government is secular, and our political system is supposed to be secular. Your religion is your own business, not the government's. But these days, that's not how the religious extremists in the Republican Party see it.

The Republican Party has adopted 'God,' and if you're not a right-wing Christian, you'd better be a right-wing Jew (and even then, you'd better watch yourself). Republicans also love to have enemies to fear, and what better than to have 1.6 billion Muslims as America's enemy? Onward Christian Soldiers!

Say what you will about Barack Obama, at least he's sane. He has no interest in making America any more enemies than we already have. He's certainly not interested in creating billions of terrorists, by convincing the world's Muslims that this is a Christian holy war.

And indeed, ISIS kills Muslims just as eagerly as it kills everyone else. They want to lead Islam, but no sane Muslim wants them to do it. Only insane Muslims and insane Republicans, apparently.


Jim Harris said...

Who is this guy in the video? I like him. He had a particularly good take on Obama's language about ISIS.

WCG said...

Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks.

WCG said...

Oops! I hit the Publish button too soon. :) I just wanted to add that I agree with you. That was exceptionally good, wasn't it?

As usual, Republicans are putting domestic politics above America's national interest. They can do that, because they're not in the White House - and because it apparently has no downside for them, politically (which I don't understand at all, but it seems to be true).