Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter surprise (hardly) - Obama upsets Fox News

Cenk Uygur is right. None of these Christians actually believe in their religion. No Muslims do, either. That's obvious.

According to both mythologies, your life on Earth is just a brief prelude to eternity in paradise. So you get killed here? Big deal. You're not losing anything at all. You still have forever.

You've lost nothing.

You're going to get depressed because the President of the United States doesn't act like the Pope? For one thing, he's not the President of Christianity, he's the President of America. He's the president of a diverse country where religion is none of the government's business.

Of course, the specific things they get upset about are just insane. Just listen to what they're mad about now. But they don't actually hate Barack Obama for what he says or doesn't say. They don't actually hate Barack Obama for what he does or doesn't do. They just hate Barack Obama. And they're always looking for an excuse to justify that hatred and to push their right-wing political ideology.

But imagine for an instant that they were exactly right. Imagine that everything they said was true. So what? As a Christian, you've got an omniscient, omnipotent god on your side, and you've got eternity - literally, an infinity of time - no matter what happens here on Earth. ISIS could chop off your head tomorrow and you'd lose nothing.

At least, according to your own mythology. Now, we atheists do have something to lose. This is the only life we've got, and if these right-wing Christians screw it up for us, that does matter. But for Christians and Muslims alike, how could anything upset you?

But the thing is, you don't actually believe what you claim to believe, do you? No one sells all of his property and gives everything he owns to the poor. Just the reverse, in fact. The 'prosperity gospel' is growing rapidly in America. Of course, Jesus said that it's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into Heaven. But what does he know, huh? LOL

The fight over abortion? Why do Christians care about that? All of those fetuses go to Heaven, don't they? And given eternal life, they've lost nothing. NOTHING. A year, a hundred years, a million years - none of it makes the slightest bit of difference alongside eternity.

Obviously, an all-powerful god could stop abortions and ISIS any time he wanted. An all-powerful god could easily stop people from making cartoons about Mohammed, too. So, either he doesn't exist or he doesn't want to. Well, maybe it's too much effort for nothing. After all, according to Christian and Muslim mythology alike, this life is nothing. At most, it's just a test, and getting killed for your faith means that you pass the test with flying colors.

But it's all a lie. Neither Christians nor Muslims actually believe what they claim to believe. And no one at Fox 'News' is actually upset about Obama's Easter speech, either. It's all just an act. Whether it's just designed to fool the gullible or it's also an attempt to fool themselves, I don't know. But it's a foolish lie either way.

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