Friday, April 17, 2015

How crazy can the right-wing get?

Right Wing Watch, a project of the People for the American Way, monitors right-wing figures and groups, but their YouTube channel simply lets right-wing folk speak for themselves.

It's not just fringe lunatics, either. No, they're often mainstream Republican lunatics. This is Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association, but they highlight crazy clips from Glenn Beck, Rafael Cruz (father of presidential hopeful Ted Cruz), fake-historian David Barton, Wayne LaPierre from the NRA, and politicians like Mike Huckabee, Louie Gohmert, Donald Trump, and Bobby Jindal, to name just a few.

Bryan Fischer is a favorite, admittedly. In this clip, he explains how Noah's Flood was the result of not having a death penalty in ancient times. Thus, when opponents argue against capital punishment today, "well, we tried that." And look what happened: God had to kill off nearly everyone on Earth and start over.

Fischer, of course, assumes that Noah's Flood really happened. After all, it's in the Bible, isn't it? Must be true, then. He thinks that all of the stories in the Bible are true, literally true, but he doesn't even stop there. He elaborates on them.

Thus, when God commanded that Cain not be killed for murdering his brother, clearly that meant there was no death penalty for anyone, for any crime, anywhere on Earth. Wow, God really screwed up with that one, didn't he? What a mistake! So he had to drown nearly everyone on Earth - men, women, children, babies,... even the animals - and start over.

After that, killing was encouraged. Disobedient children? Stone them to death. Someone picking up sticks on the Sabbath? Kill them! Heretics? Witches? Party girls? Kill, kill, and burn them alive. (Really, if you haven't read the Bible, it's almost certainly crazier than you think.)

Of course, this means that God made a huge mistake - his mistake, for which he murdered nearly everyone on Earth. Hmm,... was that just to start over? Or did God simply not want to leave any witnesses to his own ineptitude? After all, he's supposed to be omniscient - not to mention eternal and unchanging. Must be hard to admit screwing up so badly, then, huh?

Here's something a little different - also crazy, but... well, see for yourself:

Kent Hovind is a Christian apologist, Young Earth creationist, conspiracy theorist, and convicted felon. He's currently in prison, having been convicted on 58 counts - primarily to do with tax evasion and other financial crimes.

Of course, the faithful sheep in his flock - currently tended by his son, Eric Hovind - are convinced it's all a conspiracy. And apparently, the Hovinds haven't taken all of their money, because they're working on a documentary about how "a Christian Pastor was imprisoned 8-years ago for speaking the truth and leading souls back to Jesus Christ."

This is supposed to be the trailer for that, titled "Kent Hovind: An Atheist's Worst Nightmare." Heh, heh. The title isn't the only funny thing about it, either. This 'official trailer' is so over-the-top it could easily be a parody of itself.

Who do they have producing this stuff, anyway? "He obeyed all laws and they still through [sic] him in prison." Heh, heh. It's not an atheist's worst nightmare, but more like an atheist's comic relief.

And don't ask me what George W. Bush and Barack Obama are doing in this, either. (Hitler seems rather self-explanatory, since apologists love to claim that Hitler wasn't really a Christian.) Bush was president when Kent Hovind was convicted, so maybe he's supposed to be part of the conspiracy? It's really hard to tell, since Hovind's conspiracy theories are so varied and so bizarre.

In fact, he's so crazy it's hard to tell if I can even classify Hovind as a right-winger. He's not a progressive, but I'm not sure he's sane enough to even categorize. But this next guy is definitely right-wing crazy:

Jon Stewart is being pretty silly here, but does Dick Cheney deserve anything else? Cheney doesn't even deserve to be taken seriously. Heck, he deserves to be on trial for war crimes. The least we can do is make fun of him.

What he's saying is at least as crazy as in the other video clips I've posted here. No one has done more to strengthen the ayatollahs of Iran than George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. If they'd been working for Iran's mullahs, rather than for America, their actions would have made a lot more sense.

After all, the result of those actions was to weaken America and strengthen Iran. But the real crazy is the attempt to blame Barack Obama for what he, himself, has done. Dick Cheney, you take the cake!

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