Saturday, April 4, 2015

Fox News lies about Iran nuclear deal

You knew this was going to happen, though, didn't you? There's absolutely no way that Fox 'News' would support anything from the Obama Administration. It makes absolutely no difference what it was, they'd still oppose it.

And note that 47 Republican senators committed treason by trying to sabotage America's side in these negotiations before they even knew what kind of settlement we'd get. They opposed it before they even knew what it was.

So of course they're going to oppose it now. Undoubtedly, they've been working on their opposition for weeks. The reality of the deal makes absolutely no difference to them, since they would oppose it no matter what it was.

And what do they propose in return? If this agreement fails, then what? The only alternative is war. Now, Republicans love war, because defense industry lobbyists love war. But you can bet that they won't be fighting in it, and you can bet that they won't want to pay for it (except maybe with cuts to Social Security).

But they live in their own little fantasy realm, where war is good. Republican neo-cons have been pushing for war with Iran for years, just as they pushed for war with Iraq for years. Just look at the mess that left us.

They were wrong about everything when it came to Iraq, but being wrong isn't a downside for Republicans. Being wrong is never going to dent their faith, no matter how many times it happens.

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