Sunday, April 5, 2015

Things Jesus never said

Funny, isn't it? I couldn't post things that Jesus did say, since we have no idea about that. We don't even know if a historical, rather than fictional, Jesus actually existed.

But you have to wonder if right-wing Christians believe in their Jesus either, don't you? I mean, the prosperity gospel? Jesus as a gun nut? Jesus as a war-monger?

And then there's this: "If I had a book written by the supreme creator of the universe, I'd at least skim it." Heh, heh. Yeah, but doesn't that also make you wonder? Do Christians actually believe what they claim they believe? They certainly don't act like it.

Of course, that's faith-based thinking. What's the point of believing by faith if you can't just believe whatever the hell you want to believe? Heck, if you cared about the truth of your beliefs, you might as well be evidence-based.

Here's another video which demonstrates that:

All of you liberal believers, this is why faith-based thinking is wrong, even if you happen to get the right answer. That's because your method is wrong, so your right answer was purely coincidental, and you can have no expectation that you'll get the right answer on the next question.

Anyone can be wrong, but there are ways we can be more confident of getting the right answer, and faith certainly isn't one of them.

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