Friday, June 26, 2015

Mike Huckabee is "so nutty I can’t even talk"

This was on Fox News talk radio - The Alan Colmes Show, apparently. Charleston, S.C., Mayor Joseph Riley had a great reply to this:
COLMES: Mike Huckabee has said if only someone had concealed carry or if concealed carry had been allowed that the outcome might have been different in that church.

RILEY: That is so ridiculous. I mean I knew these people. I’m looking at their pictures right now in front of me. They weren’t going to be carrying handguns. You want an 87-year old retired lady or you want a minister to be carrying a handgun or a 78-year old retired lady that used to work for the city of Charleston? That is so insane. You want those elderly people carrying handguns? Is that the best we can do in America? That is so nutty I can’t even talk. It’s crazy. Absolutely crazy. We want everybody to carry a gun and then you have everybody carrying a gun and then somebody gets upset and pull it out because they got it handy and they got mad all of a sudden and rather than argue, or take a swing at somebody, they just kill them. It’s crazy, that is insane.

Amen! It's crazy. It's insane. But that's right-wing ideology.

"Is that the best we can do in America?" I hope not.

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