Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Ugly, racist, and un-American

This is more about the right-wing response to that Texas pool party incident I mentioned yesterday.

Disgusting, isn't it? We saw the videos of this. Those kids were not out of control. There was absolutely no danger to this rogue cop. The kids were just completely confused about why he was treating them like that.

Even the police chief in McKinney didn't support the actions of his officer: "He came into the call out of control, and as the video shows, was out of control during the incident. I had 12 officers on the scene, and 11 of them performed according to their training."

And here, a former police officer talks about what went wrong there. But the right-wing media automatically blames the black kids. And the interview with that white neighbor is just embarrassing.

Brandon Brooks, the 15-year-old white kid who shot that video, is impressive, though. There's cause for some optimism, I guess. But it's the 21st Century, people. Isn't it about time to abandon racism,... even in Texas?

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