Thursday, September 3, 2015

Defending traditional marriage

Hilarious, isn't it? You know this woman was always a Christian. Raised Christian from infancy in an overwhelmingly Christian society, she would have identified as a Christian at any time in her life.

But her adultery and multiple marriages are OK, because she's decided she wasn't a 'real' Christian back then - not by her current standards, at least. Heh, heh. Yeah, right.

Besides, you can bet that she never once denied a marriage license to a couple because they'd been divorced (like her), even though that's just as much against the Bible as gay marriage. Why not, if this is actually about her religious beliefs? (Well, admittedly, her religious beliefs are only whatever she wants them to be. That's why she's faith-based.)

Still, she undoubtedly swore an oath to uphold the Constitution when she took office. If she's no longer willing to do that, she doesn't have to work as the County Clerk. No one is forcing her to keep her job, and there's nothing in the Bible about working for the county.

Obviously, she's willing to cause problems for other people, but she doesn't want to lose her paycheck, which would cause problems for herself.


jeff725 said...

The downside of this is she gets to do what Christian conservatives do best: play the victim (as Stephen King pointed out in Twitter).

As Dan Savage pointed out, Davis is also going to dive into what I call "The Great American Cash-Grab."

Jim Harris said...

I feel sorry for that woman. Her rigid beliefs are going to ruin her life. If she's been married four times and only recently become religious then she's probably a person struggling to keep it together. And she's not smart enough to recognize that her ridiculous beliefs are hurting other people. I expect all this limelight will probably shatter her.

WCG said...

She's a hero now. She gets to be a martyr for Christ and a hero of the Christian right. You don't think she's eating that up? Where would she ever get this much attention?

As Jeff points out, that can be very lucrative, too. Of course, she's likely to lose her cushy $80,000 a year job. But this isn't going to keep her from getting work - not in the South, certainly.

And she could easily cash-in on her name recognition and devout fan base. She may or may not have the personality to really cash-in. But I don't see how any of this will hurt her.

She was nothing, and now she's a hero. Now, everyone knows her name. And she's a hero to her god, too. She's important. You don't think she's thrilled by that?

You might be right, but... well,, we'll see, I guess. (Or maybe not. Once this stops being news, you and I will probably never hear about her again, however it turns out.)