Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Sarah Palin to be President Trump's Secretary of Stupid

Hilarious, isn't it? But ignorance isn't a disqualification to their faith-based supporters. Intelligence, education, knowledge - those are suspect.

Furthermore, they think that anyone can work in government, because government - their own government - is worthless. The Republican Party pushes that idea (and then demonstrates it when they get in power).

If they needed medical care, would they go to an amateur? If they needed legal help, would they go to an amateur? Heck, if they needed a plumber or an electrician - and they were paying for it - they wouldn't want an amateur. (They might do it themselves, or with friends, to save money, but they'd want to hire professionals.)

But they want amateurs in government - running our government, not just in low-level positions. And this degree of ignorance just demonstrates their amateur standing, I guess. (Of course, Sarah Palin was a governor - for one-half of one term - so she shouldn't be this ignorant.)


jeff725 said...

I've been saying all along that she's angling for a gig in the (possible) Trump Administration. She might as well go the whole nine yards and try for VP again.

There's been some speculation around the interwebz that Caribou Barbie might be hitting the sauce a little harder than she should. That would explain her incoherent speeches and, definitely, the big brawl at that party last year. What do you think?

WCG said...

Jeff, I don't think she needs to be drunk to be ignorant and incoherent. I think it just comes naturally to her.