Friday, September 25, 2015

Republicans want to ban religion,... just not their own

Incredible, isn't it? It's the 21st Century, but even Americans don't fully accept and affirm freedom of religion, one of the founding principles of our country.

Oh, sure, they want their own religious beliefs to be sufficient excuse for doing... whatever they want, even for oppressing other people. But that's not freedom of religion. After all, every theocrat wants that. The Taliban wants that. Al-Qaeda wants that. ISIS wants that.

How can Americans not even understand what freedom of religion is - or not support it, if they do understand? Yeah, Republicans have become batshit crazy in recent years, but this crazy? I shouldn't be surprised by this, especially since I'm continually surprised by this kind of thing, but I still am.

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Anonymous said...

wow, just insane how far out there the right wing is these days. just when you think they've finally gone too far...