Saturday, October 17, 2015

CIA torture doctors sued

Sadly, this isn't as funny as my last post. But torture rarely is.

This still makes my blood boil - not just that my country tortured prisoners-of-war, which is bad enough, but that no one was ever held accountable. And many Americans still defend it! Oh, don't get me started...

Cenk Uygur makes a good point here - well, several good points, but one that I haven't heard much about. Our enemies used torture to make prisoners lie. That works, because you'll say anything to get torture to stop.

It's a completely different thing to expect to get the truth from torture. Did Dick Cheney not know that? From what I've heard, we tortured prisoners-of-war not to get useful intelligence from them, but to justify invading Iraq.

Certainly, we didn't get useful intelligence from them. But I'm not sure the Bush Administration got any useful lies, either. So I just don't know.

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