Friday, October 23, 2015

The secret Benghazi conspiracy

When it comes to Benghazi, I'd say that PZ Myers has finally got to the truth here:
The true meaning is at last revealed. I watched bits and pieces of Clinton’s hearing yesterday, and it all became clear.

Years ago, undercover operatives within the Republican party exploited a tragic, deadly attack in Libya. They stirred up some of the dumbest people in the party with a story: Benghazi is in a foreign country, and everyone knows that the Secretary of State is in charge of the foreigns, and so master manipulator Hillary Clinton must have done sumfin’ to rile up the brown people. And then all the dumb people started howling “Benghazi!”, further derailing their party, and getting the people who howled loudest into prominent positions, and sucking up millions of dollars for an “investigation”.

And then they put a guy with a funny name and an even goofier haircut in charge of the whole thing, and every third-rate sour, bitter Republican they could on the committee, and they staged a show trial in which posturing clowns asked stupid questions and Hillary Clinton could demonstrate god-like patience and look like the only grown-up in Washington DC.

It was brilliant. The Republicans look like twits, while Hillary Clinton looked presidential. It was the Kennedy-Nixon debate all over again, with Clinton as the telegenic, good-looking one, and the entire Republican party looking thuggish.

I heard the siren song. I found myself thinking that maybe I should vote for Clinton, too — never mind that Sanders is closer to me politically, man, I could picture President Hillary Clinton so easily.

And in case you missed it all, here is a most accurately abbreviated transcription of the whole thing.

Make sure you check out that link to the abbreviated - very abbreviated - transcription of the ten-hour hearing.

It's paraphrased, a bit. But it's the most accurate - and entertaining - transcription I've seen yet. :)


jeff725 said...

"Democrats legislate. Republicans investigate." --LBJ

Even though you and I know the whole Benghazi investigation was a total farce, this isn't over ...not by a longshot. IMO, quite the opposite; the Republicans HAVEN'T EVEN STARTED.

For their next trick, the GOP will "strategically" chop up the footage of the Hillary testimony and use it in their attack ads. The Democratic strategists should know that the ads are coming and be prepared to aggressively attack accordingly. Don't sit back and play defense like they always do.

Ah, the "joys" of faith-based thinking. Never having to concede defeat because, in the Republicans' minds, they're never defeated. There's always another front in the war to be opened up.

WCG said...

Jeff, I must admit that I don't know how the 'mainstream media' has presented the latest Benghazi hearing. No doubt they've tried desperately to appear as 'balanced' as possible.

And I certainly don't listen to Rush Limbaugh or watch Fox 'News.' I know they'll even more desperately try to spin it to favor the GOP.

What I'm saying is, I know my own sources are progressive websites with a bias of their own (absolutely not the equivalent of Rush Limbaugh or Fox 'News,' though). And, of course, I didn't watch the whole ten hours or so of testimony, but only brief excerpts.

But from what I saw, Hillary Clinton looked very presidential, while the Republicans seemed to be particularly stupid Chihuahuas yapping at her heels.

And even right-wing commenters have complained that the whole thing was a bust, or even a disaster for the GOP. Would they do that is if wasn't obvious to pretty much everyone?

Keep in mind that at least three Republicans - two GOP Congressmen and Fox 'News' commentator Sean Hannity - have admitted that the whole thing is just a political attack on Hillary Clinton.

And this is, what, the seventh - eighth? - Benghazi investigation? How many did we have for the Iraq War? Or even for the multiple embassy attacks - 60 embassy personnel dead! - when George W. Bush was president?

Sure, the attack ads will be as vicious as we've ever see, especially those coming from Super-PACs funded by anonymous billionaires. But the Republicans have started shooting themselves in the foot over this Benghazi stuff. Will they really continue doing it?

They're not very bright, true. And they are faith-based. But they're usually better at politics than that, aren't they?