Friday, October 9, 2015

Elizabeth Warren vs the NRA

Great, isn't she? I wish she were my senator.

Of course, Congress will choose the NRA over children, every time. But it doesn't have to be this way. And I'm certainly glad that someone is still fighting back.


Gregg said...

Elizabeth Warren is great, isn't she? It's hard to believe she and Deb Fischer have the same job.

I have NO hope that this congress will pass any common sense legislation on gun control or any other issue. About the best we can hope for is that they're so impotent they can't do anything to make it worse.

WCG said...

You're absolutely right, Gregg. But since Barack Obama was first elected president, the Republican Party has deliberately tried to make things worse, in a general sense, as a political tactic.

Of course, they do even more of that accidentally when they hold the presidency. But I'm very pessimistic about the next year or so. We need an Elizabeth Warren in every state. Or maybe two.

Anonymous said...

You're quite the tool. Swooning over ANY politician is a sign of mental disease.