Friday, October 28, 2016

Catholic hospital horror stories

Samantha Bee is a comedian, and Full Frontal is a comedy show, but there's nothing funny about this interview, not even slightly.

And there's nothing funny about the following three interviews, either (here, here, and here). They're important, and I urge you to watch them, but they're not funny. Not even slightly.

There is some humor in the following segment, which Samantha Bee aired on her show, but not very damned much. This is a serious issue - a dangerous issue for many women.

The Catholic Church is busy buying up hospitals all across America, so that they can force their own religious beliefs on everyone else - and especially on women. But hey, as Sam says, who knows more about women's vaginas that celibate old men who don't have one and have never even touched one, right?

It's even worse than that, though. The church points to those hospitals as proof of their own charitable work. Yeah, they have the gall to claim that forcing their own religion on other people is evidence that they're doing good in our country. Disgusting, isn't it?

But they actually do good, sometimes. I've been to the Catholic hospital here. If you're a man, and you don't want a vasectomy, they do good work. But if you're a woman in pain, or even dying, you'd better hope it has nothing to do with sex or childbirth!

Of course, even if you want routine contraceptive care, you'd better hope the church doesn't have a monopoly on health care in your area (yet). Catholics themselves ignore their own church when it comes to contraception, and the church knows it. So they'll force compliance - even on non-Catholics - whenever they can.

I find the whole thing infuriating, and I'm not even at risk from it. But if you don't stand up for other people, they'll have no reason to stand up for you. We're one people, and we're all in this together.

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