Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween

Happy Worship Demons Day, everyone! Heh, heh. It's funny, isn't it, how even children know that Halloween is just make-believe, but loony religious nuts haven't figured it out yet?

Now I've got to get started on that candy, or there might be some left for the kids when they ring the doorbell tonight. :)


jeff725 said...

I've got plenty of candy leftover, Bill. We only had 12 trick-or-treaters on our street last night. They get less and less every year.

After the FBI's email (take a) dump last Friday, Hillary's lead in the polls has all but evaporated. It's amazing how stupid the American people can be. As I commented awhile back, it's as if this country is TRYING to commit suicide. :(

Bill Garthright said...

Yeah, Jeff. I bought six bags of candy bars. I only needed two.

Of course, when I went outside, my whole neighborhood was pitch black. There were a few garage lights left on, but hardly anyone but me seemed to be giving out candy.

After trying to commit suicide (by chocolate) myself that night, I gave away the rest of the candy to neighbors with kids.

And speaking of suicide, yeah, maybe I should have kept that candy, so I could try again if Trump wins.

I don't get it. That whole email thing has been ridiculous from the start, but this wasn't anything at all. How can my fellow Americans be so stupid?

Of course, I still don't understand why anyone would vote for Donald Trump. I can't think of a worse candidate for president in all of American history.

We aren't all trying to commit suicide as a nation, but there might be enough who are. Well, we'll see in a week, huh?