Thursday, October 13, 2016

Michelle Obama on Trump's sexual assault bragging

The sound quality isn't great in this video clip, but it's a powerful statement from Michelle Obama about how Trump's bragging affects her. She's clearly speaking from the heart.

PS. Here's a longer excerpt from her speech (just under ten minutes long). The sound quality still isn't perfect, but it's a great speech.


jeff725 said...

(knock on wood) This would be a fitting epitaph for Trump's Presidential aspirations:

Bill Garthright said...

Well, we can hope, Jeff.

But I'm not sure that video clip really suits Donald Trump. He isn't that impressive (though he might think he is) and he isn't that sympathetic.

He's more like some old fart in a monkey suit, tripping over his own feet when he leers at girls one-third his age.