Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back to the future in "moderate" New Hampshire

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Republicans take looking back at the past through rose-colored glasses to a whole new level, don't they?

Sure, the party generally targets the elderly, working to attract people who are easy to scare, gullible enough to believe Fox "News," and with social opinions formed when America was far more racist and homophobic. But the Magna Carta? Are they going after the vampire vote now?

But Stephen Colbert explains it: "Remember, the Magna Carta was written by angry rich men who believed their ruler was an illegitimate usurper." Heh, heh. Makes perfect sense now, doesn't it?

Note that this was Colbert's second segment of the night on the New Hampshire primary. The first is here. I didn't include it, because I'm shortly going to be posting yet another video clip from last night's show. Yeah, the Colbert Report is an embarrassment of riches.


Chimeradave said...

"Literally the speed of light. Forget weapons of mass destruction Iran has developed warp drive!" Too funny!!!

WCG said...

Yes, indeed, John. I thought Rick Perry's misuse of the word "literally" was hilarious. (Note that John is talking about the first video segment, not the one posted above.)

But you know, there was something else about his comment which was just as dumb. Perry said, "I would send troops back into Iraq. ... I think it’s a huge error for us. We’re going to see Iran in my opinion, move back in at literally the speed of light. They’re going to move back in."

Could there be anything which better shows how clueless Rick Perry really is? Iran was not in Iraq before we invaded. Saddam Hussein was Iran's worst enemy. They'd fought a long and bloody war, in fact.

But Iran is Shiite Muslim, like the majority of Iraqis. Saddam Hussein and his supporters were Sunnis, who controlled the majority Shiites through force. There's no love lost there.

When we took out Saddam Hussein, we killed Iran's only real rival in the region. Plus, we turned the government over to the majority Shiites, people who have a common religion with Iran. From Iran's point of view, we couldn't have done better if we'd been trying to help them.

Apparently, Rick Perry knows nothing of this. Honestly, we've been fighting Muslim terrorists for more than a decade, and these Republican leaders don't seem to know any more about the Middle East than they ever did. It's just insane.

So, yeah, I can laugh at Perry's ignorant use of the word "literally," but the rest of his ignorance isn't very funny. It's just scary.