Friday, January 20, 2012

Rick Perry's 15 minutes of fame

Well, Rick Perry finally saw the writing on the wall and dropped out of the Republican presidential campaign. It took him awhile, didn't it?

The rest of us saw it very clearly weeks ago, but apparently the writing needed to be very large, and using very simple words, before Perry could understand it, himself. Maybe the fact that he was polling third in Texas finally got through to him?

At any rate, I thought this three-cartoon retrospective captured his would-be presidential career pretty well. The cartoon at the top was from when Perry was considering entering the race. What could go wrong? Indeed...

Funny, but I was expecting Michele Bachmann to be the comic relief in the GOP primary. But as it turned out, they all were. But none more than Rick Perry. (OK, OK, maybe Donald Trump. But Trump is a professional clown.) In fact, Bachmann struggled to get noticed at all.

I guess crazy doesn't stand out when you're in a room full of crazy people. Well, Perry's immigration stance wasn't so crazy (and he took heat for that from the Republican base). His problem was more that he seemed like Bush's dumber brother.

And so Perry is carried from the ring, mangled and bleeding. But at least it's just figuratively. Unlike Bush, Perry never got to be president, so we didn't get mangled and bleeding bodies literally - our young men and women sent to war for no reason.

We won't have Rick Perry to kick around anymore, and that's a shame. But Rick Perry will never become president, and that's very, very good.

What could go wrong? In the last decade, we've seen what could go wrong - and what could still go wrong if one of Perry's Republican competitors actually becomes president.

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