Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Punishing success

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It's funny to see these Republicans "punishing success," isn't it? (I almost used the quote "Republicans unite people" as the title for this post, but I was afraid your head might explode.)

This is almost as funny as Newt Gingrich's flip-flop on Super PACs. You reap what you sow. And although Republicans think that these things are just great when the rest of us are the victims, they think differently when it hits too close to home.

Yeah, it's hardly fair that wealth can dominate the election process, is it? But it's not fair for anyone, not just for Newt Gingrich (who's a wealthy man himself, if not as wealthy as Mitt Romney).

And now, seeing these candidates pointing at Romney's wealth - as if it's a bad thing, all of a sudden (what happened to "job creator" as the GOP alternative to "rich"?) - is really pretty funny. And these are the same people who want to eliminate estate taxes who are now pointing out that Romney was born rich. Gee, that's a bad thing now?

The sheer hypocrisy of this is breathtaking, don't you think? Of course, these are Republicans.

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