Monday, April 30, 2012

Creationist accepts evolution

Funny, isn't it? Hovind accepts everything about evolution, but the name.

Of course, he'd deny that, but... well, you watched the video, right?

The funniest thing is this whole idea of getting a five-year-old to decide what's the same "kind" of animal. I suppose that's because, if you're much older than that, you'll realize just how stupid it is.

Without a definition of "kind," it's pretty worthless as a term, isn't it? Well, Hovind had a definition, but he didn't stick with it, because it would have proven him wrong. But would a five-year-old consider a Tasmanian wolf the same "kind" as a dog? Almost certainly, especially if his other choice was a banana!

And what's with the creationist fascination with bananas, anyway? (Of course, the really hilarious thing about Ray Comfort's argument is that bananas are a domesticated fruit, with the Cavendish banana specifically selected by human beings for the traits we like. And I'm a little uncertain about that whole "point at the top for ease of entry" comment. I really don't think I want to know...)

Anyway, I thought this video clip was excellent. But I'm sure it won't convince anyone who really wants to believe what he wants to believe.

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AJ said...

"Quick, get that kid away and send him off to Christian Camp!"

Too funny. Thanks.