Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Searching for Mr. Right

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Searching for Mr. Right - Mitt Romney & Iowa's Steve King
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Well, now that Mitt Romney seems to have the Republican presidential nomination all wrapped up, it's on to his vice-presidential pick.

And since Romney has been struggling to prove that he's just as crazy as the Republican base wants him to be - Please, please, just elect him! He'll be anything you want! - you know it's going to be someone they'll like, someone who's crazy enough even for them.

John McCain had this same problem in 2008 and picked Sarah Palin. Who will Romney pick?

Palin ended up overshadowing McCain, which probably isn't something any politician wants. But Romney really, really wants to be president. He's already shown that he'll do whatever it takes, so at this point, I doubt if anything would bother him.

But you also need someone who's willing to hitch his star to Mitt Romney. At this point, that might be a bigger problem.

At any rate, I'd say it's certain to be a far-right loon. There's no way Romney will pick someone the base won't enthusiastically embrace. Steve King is certainly crazy enough. But there's no shortage of crazy in the GOP.


m1nks said...

He could try for a more moderate running mate based on thinking of 'the swing voters and moderate republicans are scared shitless right now about the fire and brimstone which has spewed from the mouths of all of the republican candidates. Women voters especially have some serious PMS issues going on with the party. As the republican base will probably vote for a dog if we could pin a republican ribbon on it so long as doing so would keep that uppity nig... er I mean muslim and socialist out of government!'

Loved your publishing of the poll from the deep south, my jaw really hit the desk with that one. Another world TWG, seriously, a completely different world...

m1nks said...

WCG sorry :-) I've just got back from a liquid lunch. TGIF.

WCG said...

Typically, a candidate's running mate doesn't have that much effect on an election, m1nks. But usually, Republican candidates themselves veer hard right, to get the nomination, then back towards the center - though not all the way there - for the general election.

Mitt Romney's problem is that he's flip-flopped so many times, no one trusts him. And that Etch A Sketch moment is just going to make it harder.

But never underestimate the ignorance of the American voter. A lot of people just pay no attention to this stuff whatsoever, so they can be made to believe almost anything when the time comes to actually mark a ballot.

WCG said...

Lucky you. :)