Friday, April 27, 2012

Fox News fraud on voter fraud

And you wonder why Fox 'News' viewers believe in such things?

Fox is the propaganda arm of the Republican Party. Or, it might be more accurate to say that the Republican Party is the political arm of Fox. Either way, Fox is trying to elect Republicans, and they're not too concerned about what methods they use.

In this case, if Republicans make it difficult for Democratic-leaning constituencies to vote, then that will depress votes for Democrats. After all, the easier you make it to vote, the more people who will vote. And vice versa.

This will affect elections far, far more than the kind of voter fraud that's one person pretending to be someone else, which would require a massive conspiracy that would never, ever stay a secret for long. No, if there were a big problem with that kind of voter fraud, the Republicans would have found it.

They've certainly been searching long and hard for just such an excuse. The Bush Administration even fired federal prosecutors who weren't eager enough for their voter fraud witch hunts. And, obviously, they certainly wouldn't have to lie about this stuff if they'd ever found anything.

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