Saturday, April 7, 2012

Weapon of mass instruction

It's the "Weapon of Mass Instruction" - a converted Ford Falcon that Argentine artist Raul Lemesoff drives around, giving out free books. I just thought it was neat.

FYI, there's a video here. I had it embedded in this post, but it will only play on the YouTube site. Crazy, but there it is.


Jim Harris said...

That's very cool. The video didn't play in your web page, but it did send me to Yahoo.

Have you heard about Little Free Libraries?

WCG said...

Thanks, Jim. I removed the video (just supplied a link to it), since it was blocked from playing here. (I hadn't known that.)

And no, I hadn't known about the Little Free Libraries. That's a neat idea - especially for kids, who really need a book they can call their own. But what I really miss are the little neighborhood libraries.

We had one in our tiny Nebraska town when I grew up. All the kids in town could just walk there. And there used to be little neighborhood libraries all over Lincoln, too. But these days, we don't want to pay taxes to support such things.

We've still got bigger libraries, more widely scattered, but most people have to drive to get to them.

Well, maybe that will be one of the advantages of ebooks. There are a million books available for free online, and all you need is an internet connection. I prefer real books, but I'm just an old fogey. :)