Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Backlash against GOP letter to Iran

Here's more about the absolutely... unbelievable action by Republican senators in working with Muslim hardliners in Iran to sabotage America's side in the ongoing negotiations.

I've already blogged about it (here and here), but... what's next? Really, what's next? Is there any limit to the insanity from the GOP? It appears not.

Incidentally, there's a petition here asking the Justice Department to investigate this as a violation of the Logan Act. Will it get anywhere? Maybe not, but I signed it, anyway. And so have nearly 200,000 other Americans, so far.

Note that, as Ana Kasparian reminds us in this video clip, Republicans have no idea what this potential agreement will even say. They are trying to sabotage it without knowing anything about it.

Doesn't that remind you of something? Doesn't that remind you of how Republican leaders met, before Barack Obama had even taken office for his first term, and agreed to oppose everything he wanted - before he'd even proposed anything at all?

Doesn't that remind you of how Republicans have stated that they'll oppose anyone Obama nominates to various government positions? Anyone! Obviously, they don't care who it might be, when they pledge to oppose anyone he nominates.

Republicans don't oppose Barack Obama's policies, they oppose Barack Obama. They don't care what our first black president wants to accomplish. They don't care what policies he proposes. The fact that a black Democrat is in the White House is all that matters to them.

And this has been the case since before he even took office. I had to laugh, when Barack Obama was campaigning for the presidency, because before he'd even won the Democratic primary, there was an "Impeach Obama" group (on Facebook, if I remember correctly).

He hadn't taken office. He hadn't been elected yet. He hadn't even been nominated. But the very idea of a black man in the White House was already infuriating the racists.

It still is.

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