Thursday, March 5, 2015

Rachel Maddow ridicules Bill O'Reilly

Rachel Maddow does such a good job with these, doesn't she? But she doesn't mention how enthusiastically Fox 'News' attacked Brian Williams, the NBC anchor, for misrepresenting - or just misremembering - his helicopter ride in Iraq (which was in an active war zone).

And note that NBC News suspended Williams for six months, because of that. But the reaction of Fox 'News' to Bill O'Reilly's serial lies? Oh, he's got great ratings! Of course, his job at Fox 'News' is to lie.

PS. I saw this originally at TPM, but couldn't get the embedded video clip to play. It worked when I went directly to Media Matters, though. Try that if you have any trouble here.


Chimeradave said...

I thought everyone assumed anything he says is complete BS

WCG said...

If everyone assumed that, Fox 'News' wouldn't be a problem, John. Sadly, his audience believes every word he says - and attacks by the 'libtard' 'lamestream' media just confirm their faith in their dogma.

Those people are beyond hope. The people we need to reach are the... casually ignorant, the people who think that Fox News is just another news station.

jeff725 said...

"The Matrix is a system, Neo..."