Tuesday, March 24, 2015

First clown emerges from the 2016 clown car

Yup, the 2016 circus has officially arrived, and the first clown out of the clown car is... Ted Cruz!

Is it possible that the Republican candidates for president in 2016 are going to be an even crazier bunch of clowns than they were in 2012? That's hard to believe, given the loony tunes running for office last time, but it does seem to be starting off that way.

Incidentally, here's the article from Think Progress that Cenk is talking about in that video clip. And here's Jaclyn Glenn, for a different perspective (as I want to be as 'fair and balanced' as they are at Fox):

Ted Cruz is a clown, but he's a clown with a real chance to be the next President of the United States. Not a good chance, I'd say, but after George W. Bush - and after the complete ass-whipping the Democrats suffered in November - how can you count him out?

Unfortunately, like many clowns, Cruz is actually much more frightening than he is funny.

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