Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Scenes from post-racial America


From TPM:
A vendor at a gun show this weekend in Sioux Falls, S.D. was spotted selling shooting targets with a cartoonish depiction of a black man and bearing the words "Official Runnin' N****r Target," television station KSFY reported on Sunday.

While a crew from KSFY was reporting on the "Collector's Classic Gun Show," one of the station's photographers noticed the targets showing the cartoonish silhouette. The KSFY photographer confronted the unidentified vendor who was selling the targets for 10 cents each and who was unfazed by the photographer's questions.

"Why are those on there?" KSFY's photographer asked.

"Why aren't they?" the vendor said. "They're just targets."

"Aren't they offensive in nature?" the photographer asked.

"To who? Are you a negro?" the vendor said. "You know there's some black people and then there's some negroes."

The unidentified vendor also added that he'd "sold 500 of them this weekend so what difference does it make?"

I'm sure glad racism in America is over, aren't you? I mean, except for white men, of course. We poor white men are the real victims of bigotry, right?  LOL

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