Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Minecraft and the redefinition of rape

OK, I don't want to post too many video clips today, but this one caught my attention. I posted previously about Republicans trying to redefine "rape," and I've certainly posted about the Minecraft computer game, but... combining the two subjects? That just seemed weird.

But as serious as the first topic undoubtedly is, I had to laugh at her addiction to this computer game, which I've been playing pretty obsessively myself. Yes, it is addictive, and lots of fun. And the fact is, Skepchick - Rebecca Watson - often includes humor in her excellent videos. That doesn't hurt their effectiveness, not at all.

I won't add anything to her message, not this time, except to note that this is the third anti-abortion bill Republicans have introduced since they took control of the House of Representatives, just a few weeks ago.

Despite all the talk about how Republicans have changed, and how this time they really are focused on cutting spending (not deficit reduction - even their own supporters can't believe that, I'm sure), the reality is that these are the same old Republicans with the same old "culture war" obsessions who nearly destroyed our nation during the Bush years.

It's just that they think spending cuts poll better than tax cuts for the rich and loony right-wing culture war issues. (On the other hand, they know that their base demands the latter.)

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Hahaha, I like the way she relates the two subjects! Subbed!