Thursday, February 10, 2011

QOTD: Doubling your opposition

Quote of the Day:
I disagree — these New Atheists are simply basing their ideas more strongly on science, something the theistic critics don't seem to comprehend — and I don't consider them less than the Old Atheists, just different, and even there, we're all making the same argument that gods don't exist.

Which brings up the relevant point: Old Atheists and New Atheists don't disagree on the existence of gods, so isn't invoking both generations of atheists simply doubling your opposition? And if the New Atheists are such scrawny, flabby specimens, why aren't you simply clobbering us with those powerful arguments you developed to crush our predecessors? Oh, is it because you never had any crushing arguments of that sort?

Scott Stephens has made no counter-argument to atheism at all, except to name-drop an assortment of atheists he thinks were more "serious" in his opinion than any contemporary atheists who would bother to disagree with him. That says nothing about atheism, but much about his own inadequacies.

This is the same nonsense that Terry Eagleton and David Hart, among many others, have tried to pull off, and it simply doesn't work. Go ahead, you can wave my big brother over and try to belittle me with his awesomeness, but it just means the two of us will work together to punch you out and take your lunch money, wimp. - PZ Myers

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