Saturday, February 5, 2011

N.O.M. pwned

Zach Weiner:
Around 9 this morning I got messaged by a few twitter followers that a group called National Organization for Marriage (NOM) had posted a comic of mine. This was the comic, which was in no way conceived of or related to gay rights issues.

NOM is a group whose major function is lobbying against gay marriage. They were made notorious for this video. They seem to have construed the comic to have some stance in favor of traditional sexuality. Apparently they don’t read my comics regularly.

My first response was to ask my followers to post some ascii dicks to their comment board. Unfortunately, they moderate their comments there. Then, someone told me that they had hotlinked the image. In case you’re not aware, “hotlinking” means the image they display is accessed directly from my database. That is, whatever image their computer requests from my computer, their computer gets.

This presented an opportunity.

I messaged my brother/webguru Marty Weiner, who sprung into action. He worked on figuring out how to change the image without affecting the SMBC main page while I worked on finding an image. My initial idea was to post some dirty pictures, but I figured I could get more traction if I went the classy route.

I settled on a rainbow flag and a quote. At first, I considered using a Harvey Milk quote, but I decided to go with someone I could only assume NOM favors: Mr. Thomas Jefferson.

Funny, huh? And personally, I'm glad he went the classy route. That graphic was perfect. Nice job, Zach!

You did check out the links to those two comics (here and here), didn't you? As PZ Myers notes, NOM. missed the whole point of the first comic, anyway. Do these people even have a sense of humor? You've got to wonder.

I read Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal every day. It's a great comic. Usually, though, they're too large to embed well in my narrow columns here.

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