Thursday, February 24, 2011

Revenge of the curds

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When you elect extremists, this is the kind of thing you get. But why didn't we learn this after eight years of George W. Bush? How dumb can we be?

Only two years later, we go right back to the same people who ran our country into the ground, who were wrong about pretty much everything when they controlled all three branches of our federal government, and who haven't changed their opinions one iota since then.

What has happened to us? Unions have been getting weaker and weaker for decades, with fewer and fewer members. That's coincided with stagnating pay for workers and a vast increase in wealth and income inequality. I understand that people are unhappy - I'm pretty unhappy myself - but given the evidence, how can we be dumb enough to accept unions as a scapegoat?

It's just incredible, don't you think?

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