Thursday, March 31, 2011

Colbert PAC

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Colbert PAC - Trevor Potter
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Stephen Colbert's first segment, about pimpmeister James O'Keefe, is funnier, but this Colbert PAC really intrigues me.

Note that a PAC can run ads about a candidate even when the candidate doesn't want them to. Well, that's obvious, considering all the PAC-funded attack ads we see. But what if Stephen Colbert maintains his right-wing persona, running ads supposedly praising a candidate, but actually showing just how loony they are?

This really has promise, don't you think?

Let's face it, PACs are mainly a way for the wealthy to get around spending limits. They're just another way - along with corporate donations, if you want another example - we're turning our democracy into an oligarchy.

But we can't do much about that unless we sane people start winning more elections. PACs exist, so they're a tool we can't ignore. I doubt if Colbert PAC will have too much effect, but you never can tell. And it should at least be good for a laugh, don't you think?

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Sign me up, baby