Saturday, March 19, 2011

Crooks and liars

Here's Crooks and Liars with, appropriately, Fox "News."  Sorry to put you through a Sean Hannity clip, but I enjoy seeing Anthony Weiner stand up to these buffoons.

Why does Sean Hannity need to invite Bachmann at all, since he's so clearly determined to push the GOP side himself? But Weiner doesn't let himself get railroaded here. Yeah, they talk over him, they refuse to let him say anything without interruptions, but he doesn't let it go without a fight.

What, a Democrat who's not a complete doormat? Wow, that's unusual, isn't it? Ordinarily, I think that Democrats should stay off Fox "News" entirely. After all, it's not a news network, it's the propaganda arm of the Republican Party. Why give them any credibility at all?

But someone like Weiner makes me question that stance, just a bit. Still, how many Weiners are there in the Democratic Party. And did he actually accomplish anything? He didn't really get much of a chance to confront Hannity's claims, and since it's Hannity's show, no Democrat ever will.

But as I say, it's a real pleasure to see a Democrat with a spine! Too bad it's so rare.

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Jim Harris said...

This is why I don't watch Fox. When their people are confronted with an opposing opinion they get nasty, ignore any counter points, turn up their voice until it's louder than anyone else's and just bluff their way on.

I don't know why any liberals would want to be interviewed on a Fox show.